Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 24 Hour Solo Nationals Podium Change: 4th Place

I received news this morning regarding the article below. It's the first time that my podium standings have been affected by a competitor taking a banned substance. In this case, his name is Cyril Jay-Rayon (#2 spot in the pic below) from California and the prescription drug is Provigil. It helps you stay awake and increases strength. Maybe someone should introduce him to coffee. I heard it's glorious and it's race legal :). It's a very upsetting situation. I thought I was safe from the shenanigans in 24 solos but apparently not. I by no means think anyone else that are top 24 solo competitors are taking banned substances. I'm not going to say that it's good that the race was sanctioned by USA Cycling due to their foolish decisions regarding the 2013 24 hour racing categories. But, fortunately drug testing was mandatory for the top two finishers. It's a careless and selfless act and for what? If you need to take banned substances to compete in 24 solos then you don't belong. If you don't want to or can't race in circles for 24 hours banned substance free, then don't. Leave it to those that do enjoy it. Hell, I can't get enough of it and I wish 24's were 30's, 36's, or 500K's with the same format. I did two of four 24's in 2012 unsupported and faired well by doing the following: be prepared, drink coffee, think positive, be patient, intelligently eat and drink, don't be a hero, and ride your bike. If that doesn't work and you lose, then you lose with grace and dignity to honest and bad ass riders. And, whether you win or lose, learn the lessons.

The podium has officially been shifted by USA Cycling, placing me in 4th. At this point, I don't need the world to know and I don't need a new medal to prove it. That's not what 24 solos are about. I want others to know that this is a careless and selfless act that affects others and ultimately brings significant damage to the identity of the user and further poisons a sport that needs rebuilding from these types of episodes.

I've been informed of great news on a global level of 24 hour racing by the president of the Mountain Bike Australia federation. WEMBO, the organizer of the 2012 24 Hour Solo World Championships in Italy had mandated drug testing for the top 10 males and top 7 female riders. That's fantastic news and a breath of fresh air! All the more reason to motivate me for the 2013 24 Hour Solo World Championships in Canberra, Australia, also put on by WEMBO. Word is, Australia is the place to be for a 24 solo racers. It's THE race of all races for me, so hopefully I will have the privilege to be a part of this experience.

USADA article

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It was and always wil be a spectacular day in my life, but I'm not done yet. I'm not even close and I'll do it drug free.

Thank you for reading. I apologize about the bitter post but actions like this are inexcuseable.