Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Breck 100: Pre-race Report: Give It Hell

You’ve got to be careful. You’ve got to be grateful. Because before long, it will be taken. So enjoy it while it’s here. I had a small scare at work that nearly took what I love about my job, away. It was a good scare. Kind of like the one in January where I could have been wiped off this gorgeous planet, but somehow I was spared. I was in the position of asking, "Why not me?" Not the typical "Why me?" disconnect that people typically display. We’re all so lucky and we don’t even know it. I’m grateful I have the ability to ride a bike, nevermind the ability to have the legs that I do. I bitch and bitch when they don't show up at the races but I need to come to my senses by watching the Olympics this summer. South African, Oscar Pistorius, will compete in track for the 400 meter and 400 meter relay and hopefully this will be enlightening. Why? Well, he is a double amputee competing in the "able-bodied" olympics with prosthetic legs, that's why. Perfect example how if you don't train your mind, your body will not follow. Maybe then, I will finally stop complaining that my legs don't show up when I need them most. I'm planning on showing my gratefulness by giving it my all at the Breck 100. Gonna give it my legs, my heart, my hell. And those close to me, those not associated with my cycling side, know best and know just how much hell I have to give.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Courage Classic: Riding to Benefit Children's Hospital Colorado

Amidst a fantastic season of racing thus far in 2013, I have the opportunity to ride in the Courage Classic to benefit the Children's Hospital of Colorado on July 21 to July 23 in the Summit County area. Ever since being first employed at a recent position in the mental health field at Third Way Center, I've had a great affinity for the treatment provided by the Children's Hospital and their staff. Whether it's the dynamically pleasing environment, the top notch medical staff, the medical advances, or the technology and research involved, if you have not had the opportunity to see it for yourself, it is quite a sight to be seen. I am currently employed at Global Technology Resources Incorporated who has shown a strong form of support in recent years and I am incredibly happy to partake in this cause and experience this environment. GTRI is represented this year by several individuals, including good friend, Brett Ebben and we all are striving to provide donations to Children's Hospital. Please join me in assisting Children's Hospital by donating at the link below to support fantastic treatment for the youth of Colorado. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated! See how the donations are allocated here.

Donate to the Courage Classic benefiting Children's Hospital Colorado

If you are attending the event this weekend, please say hello! I'll also be representing the Trek Bicycle Store by wearing the team kit throughout the three days of riding.

Thanks and take care!