Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today's Colorado Trail Ride

I took the suggestion of Ben Welnak of Twenty2 Cycles to ride Indian Creek and the Colorado Trail segment 1 for the first time and I can see now what all his rave has been about. As a New Englander, it brought me back home which created so much life to this ride. Good thing because I'm not quite sure what possessed me to pack a 20 whatever lb bag this deep into successive training days since the Voodoo Fire race last Saturday. Here's the ride details on Strava. Unfortunately, I was chased out of Buffalo Creek by threatening weather which shortened my ride by a few hours. Next time! That just means I'll have more energy tomorrow when I'm off to Nederland for the West Mag and Dot trails and if I'm fealing frisky I may see how Sourdough is fairing. I absolutely love West Mag since it's another trail system that reminds me so much of back home. Here's today's set up which includes seven water bottles, two of everything, lights, 2000 calories, and I thought of packing an extra saddle since the one in the photo has a bent rail and is probably on borrowed time.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Tour Divide


Friday evening and tucked in a pocket of the mountains. It's taken years of training but this week I've arrived in a personal and ultimate way - to feel like I can ride as much as I damn well please. One day, I will ride an overdue stretch of twenty seven hundred miles. I don't know if I'll be ready, but I sure as hell will be ready to try.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Voodoo Fire: Pro/Open Category: 14th Place, 20th Overall

I was full on the gas for 66 miles yesterday in my first Pro/Open race, stoked about the effort and finished in 5:06:39. This RME race was an fantastically organized event! Still heavily feeling symptoms from the accident. Starting physical therapy at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine this week and hot yoga soon to follow. Must get aligned! Big thanks to @trekstoreco and Les Handy for their amazing support!