Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Canyon Fires

Without debate, it's been ultra cold and much worse, windy.  Some cycling and snowshoeing days have been feeling like this....

....but with plenty of motivation and inspiration, I've still managed lots of this...

This photo is special to me since it signifies gratitude for what I have instead of what I want. This photo was taken high up on Sunshine Canyon Road which I was finally able to see for myself.  I squeezed in 7000+ feet of climbing on a 5 hour ride prior to work and couldn't have spent my morning a better way.  The destruction that was caused last fall due to the canyon fires was unexpectedly moving.  The damage incurred in the area was visible everywhere I looked and even if you closed your eyes, the carbon smell was so prominent that you could sense the grief, suffered by many, in the air.  I did manage to shed a few tears despite pushing a subthreshold heart rate which added thoughts to an already busy mind.  I finished this ride knowing I'll return shortly to be grounded and to remind my climbing legs to wake up and smell the coffee instead of the roses.

See you on the trails,