Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crankworx Colorado Race Recap: 7th of 15 in Expert Class Age Category

This was my third year in a row racing at Crankworx which is always a great time and killer course! It being my last race until September, I really wanted to cap off my July of racing with another solid race so I was emotionally charged as usual to give it what I had left in the tank. I just came off from racing last Sunday at The Steamboat Stinger and was motivated to recover enough to compete in this race. I spent nearly every weekday off of the bike which can be excruciating for me but it had to be done. The only intervals I did were 5 sets of 10 minute ice baths with 24 hours of RBIs. I spent a great day of racing and traveling with Aaron Adams, also from Rocky Mountain Racing. When we arrived at the race site, the Colorado weather was gorgeous and we were blessed for another race day in 2011.

I started with the Expert Class and kicked off the initial 1400 ft/5 mile ascent in Fraser. The fifteen of us in the 30-34 Age Category had a decent paced start but I was surprised I was able to stay with the lead group for a little while up the climb. I guess in comparing it to last year, I would have been on the brink of blowing up, then clawing my way back to not to be DFL by race end! It was a tough climb that got steep and technical at times. I couldn't help but think how this trail had nothing on Little French in Breckenridge. Once we crested the peak, it was a mean descent of fast and technical switchbacks, to rooty rollers, to the Zoom Trail which is aptly named. At this point in year's past, I remember how spent I was at this point and felt better this year. There were two more decent sized climbs after this until ultimately descending to the finish line. Along the way, I managed to get four doses of chain suck, three of which I had to get off the bike to fix. The thought of throwing my bike crossed my mind out of frustration. I'll need to stop by to the Golden Bike Shop to hopefully resolve my endless chain and time suck issues once and for all. As for the course, it was different in a section or two, making it a little longer than year's past. It was strange to be finished a race so early in the day and my legs felt like they were pacing for at least another lap which I would have been happy to lap through for.
Part I of a II part season has officially come to a close. Now it's time to recover and be off the bike for maybe the next two weeks, we'll see how long that holds up! I'm determined to recover though and need it. I've dug for months and months without much mercy. In the next 2-4 weeks, I'm planning a 3 day solo backpacking trip to bag a 14er or two at the Collegiate Peaks. Also, Hot Yoga will definitely be in there many a times to rebalance my body and center my mind, some consistent but light core and strength work and maybe some trail runs just to appease my singletrack mind, also more basketball with the kiddos I work with who drive me bananas but give me strength in return. Muscularly, what's strong is strong and what's weak is weak, therefore I need to strengthen my weakest links. I'm really looking forward to it to prepare for Park City Point 2 Point in Utah on September 3rd, just four weeks away and the beginning of this racing season's Part II. It's followed by two 24 hour solos and if I'm lucky, some cyclocross racing but that's a long shot seeing that I don't have a bike to compete. Here's my last month according my friend, Garmin...

Last 30 days, not bad considering the four races. Also, the reason why my legs are comatosed. Don't awaken the beasts until PCP2P!
In due time this will someday say "Pro" for endurance racing. It's not a matter of if, but when.
Game day breakfast #1
163.4 lbs. Reminds me of being a junior in high school. I won't say how much I ate before I stepped on the scale! Hopefully I can stabilize here for the races ahead.
Here's a video of my brother, Chris Lutz #14, who plays for the Smart Gilas, the national basketball team of the Philippines. Due to the NBA lockout, he's been able to play against some NBA players going international to spread the NBA love. Here's him playing against a few guys you may have heard of: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Derek Rose, Derek Fisher, James Harden...

See you out there,