Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reflection of USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Saw the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 2 race today from the peak of Independence Pass. Got to see idols pass by at inspiring speeds. When I saw Basso, I nearly lost it. When I saw Andy climb, I checked off where it reads, "things to see before I die." When I saw Christian Vande Velde, I was in awe at a local hero tucked in an aero climbing position that I nailed for the first time last week. I could hardly cheer them on because of the tides of emotion coming over me. Suddenly, the cold I've been trying to kick has been cut at the knees. Positive days heal. The emotions, dreaming, and thoughts continue, a recent text to my Dad after the race...

USA Pro Cycling Challenge road race. Best & most talented cycling race north america has ever seen. Nowhere in the world do pro racers climb over 12,000 ft. They did that 2X today and I was at the top of the 2nd Pass. Surreal. I almost lost it when I saw my idols for the 1st time, tearing up the mountain. I'll race road next year bc of it and bc of a strong road ride the other day. I actually believe my body's strengths oddly excel more on a road bike to the point where I feel it's part natural talent like my time trialing, sustained climbs, and several other ways that would make me a better road rider than mtn biker, some are gifts I was born with. I guess there's only one way to find out, I just have to decide to commit to it.

Here are some pics and videos of Stage 2...

Awaiting the lead group in the crazy bright sun, soon to be gone.
This was only the beginning of the fun! Adam from Wheatridge Cyclery was pretending to be Andy Schleck, storming past riders on the climb!
My campsite from the previous night. Gorgeous, free, and my favorite site in all of Colorado!
The top of Independence Pass was littered with bikes.
Here's a choppy video, but understand how difficult it is to keep steady while your emotions are going nuts. With that said, go Andy, go, go, go!!!