Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Weekend's Moab & Fruita Pics

Moab Saturday...Rode from the camp site at Sovereign to Amasa Back, Pipe Dream, Porcupine Rim via Sand Flats Road, and finished with M Bar before returning to camp.

Amasa Back turnaround point.

That would be too good to be true.

Porcupine Rim, becoming more enduro and less fearful with every run.

9 water bottles on board made for a tough training ride.

Dawned knee pads for the first time this year and finally nailing 4 foot drops, which only means one thing.

Fruita Sunday...Spent the afternoon exploring the Lunch Loops trail system which are impressive with their all mountain features. Figured today would be mostly for fun factor, developing my Tabeguache compass, and dialing in my technical skills since yesterday was quite a demanding effort from carrying more weight than most typical Saturday 8-12 hour rides.

First time ever at Tabeguache, unsure why I waited so long for such a gorgeous day.

Deserved an unusually lightened rig free of frame packs today.

Lunch Loops and the rest of Tabeguache was MADNESS!

Thanks for reading!