Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chipotle Celebrations

Chipotle, my stamp for celebration, was on the menu for today!  Finally, I received the go ahead to move on to a healthier scenery in terms of an apartment and fello comrades who share similar outdoor interests - a cyclist moving in with runners. C'mon, seriously?! I'm ultra stoked! My apartment room is tiny but hopefully it will encourage me to follow goals of spending all time on the bike outdoors this winter. Onwards and upwards I thought as I was sandwiched on I25 between nine to fivers and thoughts of letting go of an environment I tried to therapeutically repair (wasn't exactly like changing a flat!) and looking forward to an uber exciting stage and supportive cast.  Besides some fist pumps to the sky, in celebration, it was a must to get acquainted with the neighboring Chipotle staff since I plan on many celebrations this year, yahoo! Usually it takes a century ride to validate thoughts of a barbacoa burrito but tonight was in celebration of my next chapter in working towards new and exciting goals and helping friends meet theirs. Cheers!