Sunday, December 26, 2010

Emotionally Charged For 2011

I'm not going to lie. I almost feel guilty for feeling so giddy about heading into the new year ecstatic about the upcoming winter training.  Despite a nor'easter stacking flakes here in my hometown of Bedford, NH, I can't wait to battle the elements this winter and get comfortable with the uncomfortable in preparation for 2011 challenges of endurance racing.  Last year at this time, I was stale and in need of constant inspiration to ride the trainer which I rode like it was my religion but didn't firmly believe in it.  This winter, I've ridden the trainer on three occasions thus far and vow to never return.  So far so good! It's funny how I catch myself thinking how 35 degrees and cloudy is the new 75 and sunny.  It might sound dorky but I'm super stoked about Zone 2 training outdoors for the next month because of how much it allows you to think during base miles.  I've already come to understand how gorgeous the white dirt can be to run and bike.

I spent many days on Auburn, NH's stellar spaghetti-like singletrack (think Nederland's Sugar Magnolia Trails) where I've been able to explore on white dirt including some seriously lame attempts at remaining in Zone 2, not easy when you're amped! I've also been able to trail run Conway, NH's Nan Trails and remained quite disciplined with the "Law of Consistency" (which has been working brilliantly so far, thanks Sonya Looney and Ben Welnak for this lesson!) by successful hour+ long runs all 10 days for my visit home.  Being forced off the bike is usually a good thing since relaxing and ample recovery are big time struggles for me and this has clearly been for the greater good (i.e. to recharge and for family time).  Here's a picture of me and my brother who plays professional basketball for the Filipino National team.  We loving killing the Italian food at Fratello's in Manchester!

Here's my family in North Conway after my typical holiday bartender routine...

I'm a big believer in myself and ready for the challenges in 2011.  This past Autumn has dawned new beliefs and mind frames which I've enjoyed exercising thus far and will be glad to practice. Like 2010, I know 2011 will have its own difficulties, disappointments, frustrations, and bad luck but in very different forms which hopefully make my will stronger.  For the first time, I feel confident that my body will take me as far as my mind will....possibly what I'm excited most about when it comes to next summer.  Go big or go home!

I was just informed that Jersey Shore stole my celebratory fist pump so until I can brainstorm a new cheer for finish line crossings next summer....cheers and lots of luck in 2011!

See you on the trails or at the races,