Wednesday, May 18, 2011

100K and Counting...

Since it's getting close to tapering for the Gunnison Original Growler, I'll cap off the last month of training since I won't revisit the blogging world until after the Bailey Hundo.  It's been a fairly productive month despite having trouble with executing on training rides last week.  My goal lately has been to incorporate more variety in workouts to balance my capacity for all types of terrain.   Some other keywords for the month were trust, justice, redemption, and execution.  For a brief explanation, for as much as I've trained my body this winter, I've focused more on training my mind.  Now, I just have to trust that.  I've lost count for how many times I've ridden for justice, which is as powerful as a hand on my back propelling me forward.  For days that could have been but were never realized, I seeked redemption all last week and got it by execution.  I realized the inability to complete workouts successfully was determining my headspace.  On the next day I was determined to ride three hours in freezing rain and snow via canyon roads to get my mojo back. See Garmin stats here.

The ride for redemption worked! This ride had a ripple effect towards a great finish to the past 30 days which I need to be satisfied with...
Stoked about 100,000 feet of climbing in the past 30 days all on a mountain bike.   It's good prep for those incomplete thoughts that are circulating somewhere in my head about what exactly I'm aiming towards in mountain biking.  At the end of the day (or in mid-ride), I think it looks like this for next year...Breck Epic.  And dreaming bigger after that...Claro Brasil Ride. Anyone up for this to be a duo team?! Aside from training, I think it's only a matter of getting enough $ to make it all happen.
After visiting Gunnison for a course recon of the Original Growler, I am even more excited about the next race which takes place on Sunday, May 29th.  After seeing the tiny town and epic trails, I instantly thought of retirement there. Gorgeous!

There will be casualties.

Upon the first waking moments yesterday, I contemplated whether or not to ride due to some hard efforts lately.  I next remembered what fellow racer Ben Welnak stated earlier in the week.  I immediately threw the comforter off me as an expression of determination. An idea dubbed by Ben as "breaking through small plateaus" isn't something that's been far from my mind lately and helped for a killer ride.  Thanks Ben! Here are some pics of the ride amongst thunderstorms, pouring rain, sleet, and mud batter.  Cold, but so damn fun.  There's so much peace to be had in braving the elements!

En route to Mt. Falcon and LOTB.
Literally, 100 feet of visibility at the top of Lookout.
Is my bike glowing or is it just me? Pretty much summed up how I've been feeling after my rides.
My mud collection.

See you on the trails,