Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Training Block

Lately, I've decided to begin physical therapy at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to continue the rehab process originating from the accident in January. The chiropractic work was not exactly meeting my expectations. How do I know? The first visit with Larry Meyer at BCSM aligned my body better than six weeks of chiropractic work. Sold. Now I have a medical bike fit next month scheduled and couldn't be more excited, mo' powa'! After a few visits, I am confident that my body will be in a better balance than before the accident. A balanced body for the first time in months allowed my mind to balance and whole heartedly believe in what I want out of racing again such as the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest solo in June and the 24 Hour World Championships solo in September. I can finally breathe again.

What this means is I can stop thinking about how uneven my pedal stroke is and therefore the countless symptoms aching my body throughout and start thinking about the next major race, 24 HITEF. Beginning with the Voodoo Fire race on April 21, I have been involved with a four week block. I've skipped a couple RME races that I anticipated and when asked what my plan is for this month, I've always answered with, "I just want to ride my bike." This 30 day block will end on Sunday, April 20, one week before the Original Growler race. The plan has also been to climb 100k+ on my Trek Superfly Pro 100, using asphalt and dirt roads only when necessary. I'm guessing the singletrack has equaled to about 95%. Also, the goal within the goal this week was to complete a four day binge of Mount Falcon to LOTB and back. Same course, same gear (including my stellar lighting system by Candlepower Tech), similar nutrition, and to be faster than the day before. I have my many reasons for this redundancy and it was as much to feed and test my mind and strengths (i.e. feeding my self diagnosed autistic tendencies to repeat patterns) as it was to feed my body. Every day, I tried to find pockets of time, power, and recovery to beat the previous day's effort. Loved this idea and see Strava for latest stats.
After work today, it's off to Gunnison to round off my training block and recon the Original Growler course with Brett Ebben. I'm thinking two to three 2010 course laps on Saturday and a lap on Sunday which would put me well over my goal for the month so we'll see.

See you out there,